måndag, januari 26

PDA is for pussies

I might be the biggest stalker in Facebook history, but my mum did teach me some manners. She did. Thanks to her and maybe the fact that the love universe is against me I do not act like Barbie on e. Actually, the lack of boyfriend material have little to do with that. Even if I had perfect sex, someone to carry my bags and keep me warm on cold winter nights I still wouldn´t do it.

I´m talking about girls, yes they are mostly girls I´m not discriminating, who use Facebook as their very public love diary. Hands up all of you who doesn´t have at least one friend who´s status reads loves my darling xxxxx or it´s sooo cold under the duvet without my lovely man or is going to cuddle with my sweetsugarhoneypie aaaall night long. Preferably with a smiley before, in the middle, at the end or all of the above.

If you passed that one, I´m sure you´ve befriended a couple who leaves eachother love notes on the wall. Love you. Miss you. Wanna fuck you.

Oh, never seen the last one but that would actuallty be a good one. (Mental note: save for better days)

Why, oh why do grown up people behave like this? Don´t we all take for granted that people who are in a relationship is just that because they love eachother? And that they do kiss and cuddle and miss eachother?

And haven´t anyone told them that there are things like mobile phones (use for calling or texting), e-mails (use for letters on the Internet) or a way of writing private notes on the beloved Facebook?

People, like myself, might not want to know you know.

Ok, I don´t have to check their profiles, but their fucking status shows up on my page. Or I might be a tad jealous that they have what I want.

Wait a minute, no that´s not it.

It´s just that my mama told me manners. And it annoys the hell out of me that other mamas left their kids clueless.